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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of desecration?

Find Out! the act of treating something sacred or solemn in a sacrilegious or disrespectful way:Many locals opposed the use of their former church building as a courthouse, feeling that conducting civil matters there would be a desecration of a holy place.

Is clawing back the handles of the deceased a form of desecration?

Recent Examples on the Web But after Twitter users protested that clawing back the handles of the deceased would amount to a form of digital desecration, Twitter hit pause on that purge. PCMAG, 9 Dec. 2022 Joseph Oberlies, 33, has been charged with burglary and destruction or desecration of human remains, WSPA Channel 7 reports.

Is the desecration point overstated?

The desecration point has been overstated by the objectors. I refer particularly to the horrible desecration of an important building in my constituency. Surely we must devise some means not only of preventing this desecration of the countryside but of turning this metal to better use.

Is taking someone's liver from their body a desecration?

Impervious to any hint of desecration or betrayal, this new, conscious modelhood suggests a good deal more than mere passive availability to vision. To stress the obvious, to take someone's liver from their body does not in any way amount to a desecration, when done for transplant purposes.

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