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Frequently Asked Questions

What dental assistant certifications do I need to verify?

Verify names of dental assistants who have earned the following DANB certifications: You may also verify those who have earned certificates of knowledge-based competence.

How do I submit a verification request?

Use the ePLACE portal to submit a verification request. To request a verification to be sent to another states’ Board or to be sent electronically to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES), please refer to the instructions detailed below.

Does Danb issue State Dental Assisting certificates in Arizona and Oregon?

This search tool also provides information about whether an individual has earned a state certificate in Arizona or Oregon, because DANB issues state dental assisting certificates on behalf of the state dental board in each of these states. Contact DANB with any questions about certificates or certification status.

How do I get a dental license?

Here you can apply for your initial license as a dentist by examination or by credential. You can also apply for your individual anesthesia/sedation permit and/or a facility anesthesia/sedation permit. These resources are specific to dentists, limited license dental interns, and limited license dental faculty members.

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