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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mimosa stand for?

MIMOSA: Machine Information Management Open Systems Alliance: MIMOSA: Multimedia Information Management and Synthesis Assistance

What does genus Mimosa mean?

Mimosa is a genus that consists of about 400 species of different shrubs and herbs. Its name comes from the Greek words ‘ mimos’ meaning ‘ actor’ or ‘ mime’, and ‘ osa’ meaning ‘ resembling’. When combined, these two words perfectly describe how the flower mimics conscious life, with its leaves quickly reacting to someone ...

Does Mimosa have spores?

When tree roots from host plants grow close to these fungal spores, the chlamydospores germinate and produce mycelium, which attacks the mimosa roots, infecting the tree. Mimosa leaves close up. The seedpods are poisonous at all times and the seeds within are even more so.

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