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Frequently Asked Questions

How is a deficit deadlift different from a traditional deadlift?

The deficit deadlift is nearly identical to the regular deadlift, with the exception that the lifter pulls from a slight deficit (standing on blocks/ plates). The amount of deficit is also important, as the larger the deficit the harder the lift is relative to the regular deadlift.

What are some common mistakes people make when doing deficit deadlifts?

Any lower deficit can change the bottom position of the regular deadlift and promote the lifter to “squat” the deadlift. “Squatting“ the deadlift refers to the common mistake when powerlifters sink their hips too low and let the knees get too far over the bar (similar to the position you are in the bottom of the squat).

How do you perform a Deficit Deadlift?

Hold your breath, brace your core slightly, and lift the bar. Pull the bar close to your body, with a straight back, until you are standing straight. Lower the bar back to the ground with control. Take another breath, and repeat for reps. The deficit deadlift is a variant of the deadlift

How can a deficit deadlift help you break past sticking points?

A weak point could be the initial pull, the sticking point in the middle, or the lockout. The deficit deadlift resembles the deadlift enough to help expose and improve your weaknesses. Because of this, it can help you break through a deadlift plateau.

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