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How do you use the word decorum in a sentence?

There was decorum in the countenance he wore.Perhaps you could respond to Andy's points and restore a little decorum here.She accepted his report, not without obvious sadness but with business-like decorum and no sign of tears.We trust he will show the proper decorum for the occasion.More items...

How can stammered be used in a sentence?

stammered in a sentenceJeff finally stammered, " I now see you differently.Haas stammered : " I'm Hunter ."I stammered, as if that conferred prestige on the facsimile.For the second consecutive week, the offense stammered and sputtered.Ms . ..."But . ..."` What do we do now ?'I stammered.I stammered, " Yes, I called you.So I stood up and stammered through the first sentence.More items...

How to use dictum in a sentence?

use "dictum" in a sentence. He was paternalistic towards native Africans, but believed in the dictum of "equal rights for all civilised men" and gradual advancement. This has often been expressed in the form of the dictum 'topology is rubber-sheet geometry'. 1980 Besides redefining the alogrithm for.

What is another word for decorum?

noun appropriate behavior, good manners synonyms for decorum Compare Synonyms civility correctness decency demeanor dignity gentility orderliness politeness propriety respectability breeding conduct convention correctitude courtliness deportment etiquette form formality gravity habits order politesse properness protocol punctilio seemliness tact

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