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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name decorum mean?

noun De*cor"um. Propriety of manner or conduct; grace arising from suitableness of speech and behavior to one's own character, or to the place and occasion; decency of conduct; seemliness; that which is seemly or suitable. Usage: Decorum, in accordance with its etymology, is that which is becoming in outward act or appearance; as, the decorum of a public assembly.

What is another word for decorum?

noun appropriate behavior, good manners synonyms for decorum Compare Synonyms civility correctness decency demeanor dignity gentility orderliness politeness propriety respectability breeding conduct convention correctitude courtliness deportment etiquette form formality gravity habits order politesse properness protocol punctilio seemliness tact

What does decorum mean in English?

noun. dignified propriety of behavior, speech, dress, etc. the quality or state of being decorous, or exhibiting such dignified propriety; orderliness; regularity. Usually decorums. an observance or requirement of polite society.

Is decorum a noun?

decorum. noun. /dɪˈkɔːrəm/. /dɪˈkɔːrəm/. [uncountable] (formal) jump to other results. polite behaviour that is appropriate in a social situation synonym propriety. He is not known for his sense of decorum. The celebrations were carried off with style and decorum.

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