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What is the meaning of decorticate?

decorticate (redirected from decorticated) Also found in: Thesaurus, Medical, Encyclopedia. Related to decorticated: Decorticate posture de·cor·ti·cate  (dē-kôr′tĭ-kāt′)·cor·ti·cat·ed, de·cor·ti·cat·ing, de·cor·ti·cates 1. To remove the bark, husk, or outer layer from; peel. 2.

What is decorticated cardamom?

You Might Like This... Decorticated cardamom is the seeds from within the actual cardamom pod. This means that you don’t have to crack the pods. Instead simply grind as needed (or toast beforehand to better release their flavor).

What is the meaning of dcorticre?

2. To remove the surface layer, membrane, or fibrous cover of (an organ or structure). [Latin dēcorticāre, dēcorticāt-: dē-, de-+ cortex, cortic-, bark, rind; see sker-in Indo-European roots.]

What is the difference between strip and decorticate?

strip- remove the surface from; "strip wood" 2. decorticate- remove the cortex of (an organ)

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