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Frequently Asked Questions

What is decorticate posture?

Decorticate posture is one type of abnormal posturing. Abnormal posturing involves holding a certain position without meaning to because of problems in your brain. Decerebrate posturing and opisthotonos are the other types of abnormal posturing. Decerebrate and decorticate posturing can happen at the same time.

What does decorticate mean?

tr.v. de·cor·ti·cat·ed, de·cor·ti·cat·ing, de·cor·ti·cates. 1. To remove the bark, husk, or outer layer from; peel. 2. To remove the surface layer, membrane, or fibrous cover of (an organ or structure).

Can decorticate posturing lead to death?

That damage can lead to death if you don’t get medical help quickly. Decorticate posturing can also lead to decerebrate posturing. Decerebrate posturing happens with more severe health problems.‌ You may not fully recover from the issues causing decorticate posturing. Brain damage can cause lasting symptoms.

When was decorticate posturing first identified?

The Nobel Laurette Charles Sherrington first described decerebrate posturing in 1898 after transecting the brainstems of live monkeys and cats. [2] Synonymous terms for decorticate posturing include abnormal flexion, decorticate rigidity, flexor posturing, or decorticate response.

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