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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a dealership finance me with bad credit?

Car dealerships that offer in-house financing to borrowers with bad credit or no credit are called bad credit car dealerships. Bad credit car lots often have many more financing options than other lenders, making them attractive for people shopping for bad credit auto financing. Bad credit car dealers have some similarities to other lenders.

Do car dealerships lie to you about your credit?

In the list of lies car salesmen tell, ones about your credit are usually the most subtle. describes it as a full-blown scam in which finance managers tells you your credit is 100 (or 200 or 300) points worse than it actually is. Using the false score, a car dealer will then offer you a loan at a higher interest rate.

Can a car dealership run your credit without Yo?

Auto dealerships are not allowed to run your credit without your knowledge or permission, but there is a gray area where dealers can get away with checking out your ability to make a purchase before you even find a car you want to buy. This gray area largely concerns soft versus hard credit inquires.

Do dealerships accept credit cards?

Visa and MasterCard require dealers to accept a credit card payment for any amount as long as the merchant uses their network. Other payment networks, such as American Express, allow car dealers to limit the amount a person may put on a card to a few thousand dollars, according to Terry Jackson of

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