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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dbengine property of the application object?

The DBEngine property of the Application object represents the Microsoft Access database engine. The DBEngine object is the top-level object in the Data Access Objects (DAO) model, and it contains and controls all other objects in the hierarchy of Data Access Objects.

What is the dbengine object in a dao?

The DBEngine object contains and controls all other objects in the hierarchy of DAO objects. You can't create additional DBEngine objects, and the DBEngine object isn't an element of any collection. With any type of database or connection, you can: Use the Version property to obtain the DAO version number.

How to access the current dbengine in Visual Basic?

You can use the DBEngine property in Visual Basic to access the current DBEngine object and its related properties. Read-only DBEngine. expression. DBEngine expression A variable that represents an Application object.

Do I need to specify the dbengine object when using opendatabase?

You don't need to specify the DBEngine object when you use the OpenDatabase method. Opening a database with linked tables doesn't automatically establish links to the specified external files. You must either reference the table's TableDef or Field objects or open a Recordset object.

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