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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between phons and DB?

At 1 kHz, readings in phons and dB are, by definition, the same. For all other frequencies, the phon scale is determined by the results of experiments in which volunteers were asked to adjust the loudness of a signal at a given frequency until they judged its loudness to equal that of a 1 kHz signal.

What does 0 decibels (dB) mean?

Remember that decibels measure a ratio. 0 dB occurs when you take the log of a ratio of 1 (log 1 = 0). So 0 dB does not mean no sound, it means a sound level where the sound pressure is equal to that of the reference level. This is a small pressure, but not zero.

What are digital signal processing (DSP) effects?

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) effects process the audio signal. A classic example of an effect is a Graphic Equalizer, which will boost certain frequencies. Actions can be processed, such as deleting source files.

What is the difference between +/? and db/db diet?

Upon feeding a human-like 0.15% (wt/wt) cholesterol and 21% (wt/wt) fat "Western" diet, db/db mice developed elevated plasma cholesterol, accompanied by an exaggerated apolipoprotein E (apoE) response compared with +/? mice.

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