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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is data accessibility important?

Data accessibility is a consideration at all stages of the research process; for bench scientists making data accessible to informaticians, for teams sharing data cross-departmentally, and for researchers making data accessible to the public. The accessibility of data is essential for a number of reasons: 1.

What is data access?

Data access is the on-demand, authorized ability to retrieve, modify, copy, or move data from IT systems. With data access, users can perform these functions in any location and with data in motion or at rest. Specifically, data at rest is stored on disks or hard drives in a database, data warehouse, or modern cloud repository.

What is data accessibility in Saas?

This type of data accessibility tool — one that uses natural language to make databases accessible to any user — allows SaaS providers to either introduce new reporting functionality in their systems or augment their existing reporting and analytics capabilities to solve new use cases and provide better user experiences.

What are the requirements to secure data access across an organization?

There are many requirements and standards needed to secure data access across an organization. Beginning with internal requirements, all users must have the proper authorization to access different data sets and sources.

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