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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the DAT freight board work?

When you subscribe to the DAT freight board, you gain access to our load listings, rate info, and other features for a flat monthly fee. Some load boards hook you in with a cheap subscription, but they often charge hidden fees once you pass a certain number of searches.

What is load board?

Load – A single freight shipment. Load board – A service that matches shippers and freight brokers with carriers (trucking companies) willing to transport the freight.

How many LTL loads are there on the DAT load board?

The DAT load board has thousands of new loads posted every business day — and about 6% are specifically LTL loads. Given that most truckers prefer to carry full truckloads, that leaves a large number of LTL loads available for those who want to carry them. Just search for “Partial” loads to get started.

What is the best load board for trucking?

DAT helps you find reliable deals and reliable brokers to move freight, for a long-term investment in your trucking business. With quality assurance features and detailed rate information, your DAT load board is much more than just a freight matching marketplace for finding and posting loads — it’s a business strategy.

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