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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Cubs' jerseys called Wrigleyville?

The Cubs' surrounding neighborhood of Lakeview is known by the nickname "Wrigleyville," which is why that name is on the front of the jerseys. "The Nike Chicago Cubs City Connect Jersey is a Chicago story — not just Wrigleyville," Nike Sr. Creative Director Wil Green added.

Will Chicago wear Wrigleyville uniforms in 2021?

Chicago will debut their new Wrigleyville uniform this weekend on Saturday, June 12th at home against the St. Louis Cardinals. They can wear it multiple times in 2021 but don’t appear to be scheduled to do so at this time. Each team in the City Connect series will wear their uniforms over the course of three seasons.

What is the Cubs uniform series?

“The uniform series explores the personality, values and customs that make each community and their residents unique.” The Cubs are the fourth of seven Major League teams who will wear a new City Connect uniform in 2021.

Who models the Cubs' City Connect uniform?

Anthony Rizzo models the Cubs’ City Connect uniform. The Cubs had a tough act to follow after the White Sox received almost universal praise when they unveiled their City Connect uniforms last week.

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