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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You bet on CSGO online gambling?

We’ve pretty much seen CS:GO gambling sites that offer slots, both in-house created and outsourced, live casino, Roulette, Plinko, and Dice. Meanwhile, E-sports betting sites or CS:GO which are more niche sites, allows user to bet on professional CS:GO players during matches.

Are CSGO gambling sites legal in the USA?

Most CS:GO Gambling Sites use a Curacao license, which means that they are not allowed to offer their service to users in the USA, France, Netherlands and some other countries. Are CS:GO Gambling Sites rigged? Some CS:GO Gambling Sites are rigged and they will try to steal your skins.

What are bitcoin slots in CSGO?

So, bitcoin slots are added as well as a live casino and other minority games that they think you will enjoy. But, it’s not over… jackpot it’s a standard of the industry now, back then it was just available on a few gambling sites. With CSGO Jackpot sites, you can bring at home all the winnings and skins you always wanted to get. You know well…

How do I sign up to a CSGO site?

Sign up to gambling site using Steam or your preferred sign-in method. Enter our promo code when prompted to do so. Enter your trade URL/API Key (This can be done at a later stage). Claim your free cases or sign-up bonus. You’ve successfully signed up to a brand new CSGO site!

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