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Frequently Asked Questions

Which CSGO cases are dropping?

Which CS:GO Weapon Cases are dropping? 1 Prime Drops. Prime weapon case drops are available to players who have Prime Status on their CS:GO account. ... 2 Non-Prime Drops. Non-Prime weapon case drops are only available to players who do not have Prime Status on their CS:GO account. 3 Discontinued Cases. ... 4 Rare Cases. ...

What is the most expensive level up drop in CSGO?

They estimated the most expensive free level up drop you can get at $215. They reward Cases at random in the CS:GO drop game. These cases fall out at the end of your match, and they do not qualify to be a reward for a profile rank. As a gamer, whether Prime or Non-Prime, they entitle you to just 3 cases.

Is there a case drop pool?

Besides that you have your in-game offers. You can get a case drop after a match, this is random so it doesn't matter if you have a good score or a bad one. Since the release of Free to play cs go there also is a non-prime drop pool. Users who haven't bought the game can thus still receive drops, but they are different from the people with prime.

How do you get the recoil case in CSGO?

It was previously obtainable by reaching Profile Level 21 in CS:GO prior to the 'Adjustments to Non-Prime' CS:GO update on 3rd June 2021. The Recoil Case is the most recent CS:GO case to be added to the Prime Drop pool. Rare weapon cases (often incorrectly referred to as 'discontinued') are available to prime players.

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