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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does karambit cost?

Karambit ★ (Vanilla) Skin & Price Details. Autotronic. Covert Knife StatTrak Available. $495.08 - $1,684.23. $848.65 - $1,216.44. Found in 2 cases. Inspect in-game (FN) 18 Steam Listings. Karambit Autotronic Skin & Price Details. Gamma Doppler. Covert Knife StatTrak Available. $689.93 - $923.36. $944.62.

What is a karambit knife?

With its curved blade mimicking a tiger's claw, the karambit was developed as part of the southeast Asian martial discipline of silat. The knife is typically used with a reverse grip, with the finger ring on the index finger. Inspect in Game...

What is the Starless karambit?

The Starless Karambit is a unique CSGO knife riddled with glitches. It was most likely a result of Valve restoring a skin to a scammed player in the early days of CSGO trading. It’s sale price is not known, but it could easily become the most expensive knifein all of CSGO if it were put on sale.

How many knify® karambit skins are there?

Find 17 different and exclusive KNIFY® Karambit skins including the rarest and most sought-after skins like Lore, Fade or Slaughter. All our Karambit Knives can be ordered in a sharp or dull version. Discover the many new features of this edition on our dedicated page ! KNIFY these are the perfect IRL replicas of the .

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