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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a CSGO weapon case with the butterfly knife fade?

It is only one CSGO weapon case, containing the Butterfly Knife Fade skin, and that case is Operation Breakout. Other valuable skins that you may find in this CS weapon case are the following: The Butterfly Knife Fade is very expensive. But it’s so rare that it’s hard to evaluate its price in today’s market.

What is the best set of knives in CSGO?

. Karambit Knife, Set of 2, CS-GO for Hunting Camping Fishing Self Defenses and Field Survival, Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Tactical Knife with Sheath and Cord (Silver + Purple Dark). . . . .

What are the different knify® butterfly skins?

Find 18 different and exclusive KNIFY® butterfly skins including the rarest and most sought after skins such as Lore, Fade or Slaughter. Our Butterfly Knives are only available in a dull, non-cutting version. It’s also the perfect knife for doing tricks !

What is the butterfly knife?

The Butterfly Knife is one of the most iconic CS:​​GO knives, used by most pro players. We paid special attention to its design when creating it. Our new edition of the Butterfly Knife is larger and more detailed, the inlays on the handle are the same as in the game. You now have the possibility to add a StatTrak and a NameTag !

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