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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Credit Karma hurt your credit score?

Credit Karma is a soft inquiry, so it does not hurt your score at all. What hurts your score is applying for credit, like a loan or card, and having the lender run a hard inquiry. Credit Karma, as well as other sites like, Credit Sesame, Quizzle, are all soft inquiries, so they will not affect your score.

Does checking Credit Karma hurt my score?

Checking your own credit score doesn’t hurt your credit, but that doesn’t mean every inquiry is safe. Credit-damaging “hard” inquiries occur when you apply for credit and can impact your credit score, unlike the soft inquiries that occur when you check your credit score or credit report.

What is the Credit Karma score inaccurate?

So it is not so much that Credit Karma is inaccurate; it is just that it utilizes a model that most lenders do not use. The second issue is that Credit Karma does not provide you with an Experian score. Many lenders, including many credit card issuers, like to pull your credit score from Experian.

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