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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to CrashPlan?

Editor's Note: On August 22, 2017, Code42, the maker of CrashPlan, announced that the company would focus on business customers and end support for personal, consumer-level accounts on October 22, 2018. It's no longer possible to sign up for a new consumer-level account or to renew an existing one.

How do I download the CrashPlan installer?

Go to Downloads. Click the appropriate Download icon for your device's operating system. Most Windows devices will use the Windows (64-bit) installer. If you're unable to sign in to the CrashPlan console, you can use the links below to download the appropriate installer for your operating system.

Is CrashPlan for small business worth it?

“Hard-drives fail, computers get stolen – there’s any number of ways a whole bunch of data can get lost. CrashPlan for Small Business is a great price, has ease of use and is easy and quick to set up.”

Does CrashPlan require a password?

By default, the CrashPlan app requires you to enter your account password each time it is opened. For next steps, including completing setup and starting your backup, see Set up CrashPlan for Small Business . Was this article helpful?

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