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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best craft fairs in Iowa 2021?

Craft Shows in Iowa 2021–2022. 1 Dallas County Fair 2 Garden Art Fair 3 Summer Flea Market, Antique, & Collectible Show 4 Monona County Fair 5 Central Iowa Fair 6 Boone County Fair 7 Hudson Days Celebration 8 Great Iowa Pet Fest 9 Lyon County Fair 10 Cherokee County Fair More items...

How do I find local craft shows and events?

Call the publicity department for your local city and ask them. While you are chatting to them, tell them to make a local Facebook group too. Five – Your local Newspapers have event and publicity sections. Contact your local paper and ask them for lists and more about any upcoming local craft shows and events.

Why should you attend craft shows?

As big brands and corporations like Amazon have taken the concept of mass-production to another level, more and more people are turning to craft show events to find personalized, unique items. Whether you’re a craftsperson or artisan, or just someone obsessed with handmade products, the following annual events are a must-attend for you.

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