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Frequently Asked Questions

How many hiking trails are in Coyote Buttes South?

AllTrails has 7 great hiking trails, biking trails, running trails and more. Enjoy hand-curated trail maps, along with reviews and photos from nature lovers like you. Ready for your next hike or bike ride? Explore one of 6 easy hiking trails in Coyote Buttes South that are great for the whole family. Looking for a more strenuous hike?

How far is Coyote Buttes South from Paw hole?

Hiking distance | 2 – 3 miles (exploring Paw Hole) to 7 – 9 miles (Paw Hole & Cottonwood Cove) If you’re able to drive to the Paw Hole access point, your visit to Coyote Buttes South will be much easier.

Is the south Coyote Butte worth it?

Not as famous as its close cousin, North Coyote Buttes (aka The Wave), the South Coyote region requires a bit more effort to get to, but well worth the visit. Lots of deep sand, walking sticks... ... Show more Amazing hike from the bottom of Paw Hole to the lockout on the other side to Coyote Butte South and an amazing 180 view.

How do I get a permit to hike in Coyote Buttes?

From the BLM: Permits for day hiking in Coyote Buttes can be obtained online here. For Coyote Buttes South, online permits can be obtained using the calendar option only. You can obtain a permit up to four months in advance.

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