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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from Monday Night Football game between cowboys and Eagles?

The third Monday Night Football game of the year is an NFC East battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. Both teams sit at 1-1, looking for the sole lead of the division after three weeks. This is a matchup that has produced some fantastic primetime games over the year and this one shouldn’t be any different.

How many viewers did Cowboys-Eagles have on MNF?

For the Cowboys-Eagles, with an ESPN and ABC only audience of 20,200,000 viewers, the NFC East showdown becomes MNF’s most-watched regular-season game in 12 years (2009 season) and the third most-watched MNF game in the ESPN era.

How many points have the Eagles allowed in their two games?

Through two games, they have allowed just 23 points. Against one of the best offenses in the league, the Eagles allowed just 4.5 yards per play and 306 yards to the 49ers in Week 2. However, they will be tested in Week 3 as they will play the Dallas Cowboys.

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