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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with my CoverMyMeds account?

Welcome back! Log into your CoverMyMeds account to create new, manage existing and access pharmacy-initiated prior authorization requests for all medications and plans. Need help? Visit our support page.

Does CoverMyMeds have a direct impact on the prior authorization process?

Patients drive the work we do, and we know the many steps of the prior authorization process can be confusing. While CoverMyMeds streamlines the process, we do not have a direct impact on the prior authorization outcome. Our job is designed to facilitate and expedite the process for your healthcare provider. What is a prior authorization?

Is CoverMyMeds integrated?

CoverMyMeds is integrated to automate prior authorization in your current workflow, making it faster and easier to initiate and track requests. Find out if your system is integrated and start managing PA requests. Don't see yours listed? Use CoverMyMeds through our web portal.

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