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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CoverMyMeds work?

CoverMyMeds has automated what was originally a strenuous paper-based process, full of a lot of back and forth between different parties. Through electronic prior authorization (ePA) we connect pharmacies, doctors and your health plan to streamline the prior authorization process, getting you the medication you need, more quickly.

Does CoverMyMeds have a direct impact on the prior authorization process?

Patients drive the work we do, and we know the many steps of the prior authorization process can be confusing. While CoverMyMeds streamlines the process, we do not have a direct impact on the prior authorization outcome. Our job is designed to facilitate and expedite the process for your healthcare provider. What is a prior authorization?

Does CoverMyMeds support JavaScript?

Visit our support page. Please note: CoverMyMeds requires a browser feature called JavaScript for full functionality. All modern browsers support JavaScript. Please see How to enable JavaScript in your browser, or contact [email protected] with any additional questions or concerns.

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