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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the renewal period for Covered California?

The renewal period for Covered California has ended. Renewal will begin again in the fall of 2021. During the renewal period for your health insurance plan, you will be able to: Review and update your contact information and application. Compare different plans to get the best coverage for your needs and budget.

How do I renew my coveredca?

Your local Certified Agent is available to help you Renew Online or over the phone in just minutes! Why wait on hold for 30+ minutes? Renew online today via our secure form or call us now 949-713-7222 This year, we made it easier than ever! was created to help with your Renewal.

What is covered California's provider search tool?

This year, Covered California offers a provider search tool to help consumers find health insurance plans with the doctors they want. Learn more about searching for providers available in plans you are considering for 2018. Due to uncertainty at the federal level, an additional surcharge will be added to 2018 premiums for all silver plans.

How do I contact Covered California?

For questions or additional help renewing your health plan, contact an expert in your area for free assistance or call Covered California at (800) 300-1506 (TTY: [888] 889-4500). Want to get started with Covered California? Was this article helpful?

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