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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Covered California application deadline?

Covered California Deadline. General Application Deadline to Enroll: 15 th of the month for coverage to start the 1 st of the following month. There are two distinct times of the year to enroll with the Covered California Application and make plan changes: Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment.

When does coverage start in California?

It’s a general rule of thumb that coverage starts the first day of the month. Submit your application by the applicable Covered California deadline in order for the insurance company to honor a particular effective date. As always, we recommend submitting your application ahead of time rather than the day of the Covered California deadline.

What if I missed the 2022 open enrollment period?

If you missed the 2022 Open Enrollment Period in your state and you do not qualify for an SEP, you can apply for a short-term health insurance plan. Short-term health insurance coverage can be purchased outside of OEP for up to 364 days, and you can reapply for short-term coverage for up to 36 months in most states.

What is the effective date for California health insurance?

Well, it is the open enrollment period, but for general applications the effective date is January 1 st and you need coverage sooner. In order to get the correct effective date, your application would need to be: Submitted no later than the Covered California deadline of November 15th It can be a little tricky.

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