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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for writing a cover letter for a job application?

Give your cover letter for a job a positive, enthusiastic tone. Use future tense to show how you will use your skills and experience to benefit the company you’re applying to and show how keen you are to take on a new role and new challenges. If you are lacking experience in some areas, don’t highlight it.

What are some examples of a good cover letter?

Here is an example of a cover letter to help you create your own: I’m excited to be applying for the web developer position at [Company Name]. I’ve been programming websites and using CSS to create user-friendly experiences since I was in middle school, so it’s always been a passion of mine.

What should be included in a cover letter?

Typically, a cover letter is three paragraphs long and includes information about why you are applying for the position, a brief overview of your professional background and what makes you uniquely qualified for the job.

What is a cover letter?

The cover letter provides information to the employer about who the candidate is as a professional and as a person. This includes their areas of interest, professional goals, knowledge, skills they've gained over the years, achievements, passions, and aspirations.

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