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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ranking of UC Coventry University?

Coventry University is one of the top Public universities in Coventry, United Kingdom. It is ranked #601-650 in QS Global World Rankings 2022. QS World University Rankings #601-650

What are the top 5 universities in the UK?

UK University Rankings 2021 Rank Name 1 University of Cambridge Enquiry 2 University of Oxford Enquiry 3 University of St Andrews Enquiry 4 London School of Economics and Political ... Enquiry 53 more rows ...

What is Coventry University known for?

Coventry University ranked 57th for Engineering in the United Kingdom and 920th in the World with 3,027 publications made and 50,893 citations received. Main research topics: Materials Science, Automation and Control engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Systems Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering.

What is the best university in Coventry for dentistry?

13 Jun, 2022: CUG The Complete University Guide - By Subject (Dentistry) updated with The University of Warwick ranked highest among 76 listed universities in Coventry. in Business, Computer Science, Medicine, Law, Education, Health...

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