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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to conservativeconservative Treehouse?

Conservative Treehouse, a popular right-wing website operated by a person under the pseudonym “Sundance” announced a couple of days ago that WordPress gave them notice that they would need to find a new hosting service for the site due to unspecified violations of the agreed-upon terms of service.

Is the last refuge (Conservative Treehouse) far-right biased or questionable?

See all Questionable sources. Overall, we rate The Last Refuge (Conservative Treehouse) far-right biased and questionable based on the use of poor sources, promotion of propaganda and conspiracy theories, a complete lack of transparency, and numerous failed fact checks.

What makes a conservative a conservative?

The conservative tends to be more faithful – and not necessarily in God, but in the ability of the individual to find great strength in himself (or from his God) to get what he needs and to be successful. Therefore the conservative has an outlet for his fear and disappointment – trust and faith in something bigger.

What is the best conservative news site?

Breitbart is the go-to site for voluminous coverage of all things political and cultural. It has built a well-earned reputation for its brash style and out-of-the-box conservative and libertarian thought and is the flagship of in-your-face conservative commentary.

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