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Frequently Asked Questions

What is we Conservative Reddit?

We provide a place on Reddit for conservatives, both fiscal and social, to read and discuss political and cultural issues from a distinctly conservative point of view. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

What are some conservative alternatives to the Internet's most popular sites?

7 Conservative Alternatives to the Internet's Most Popular Sites Instead of Wikipedia: Conservapedia Instead of OkCupid: The Atlasphere Instead of Facebook: Tea Party Community Instead of Reddit: Ritely Instead of The Onion: The People's Cube Instead of Snopes: Conservative Fact Check Instead of Gmail: Reagan Mail Instead of the AARP: AMAC

What is the best alternative to Reddit?

Voat Voat launched in 2014 with the explicit objective of usurping Reddit’s place at the top of the user-driven content aggregation tree. At first glance, the site looks incredibly similar to Reddit’s.

Why are Conservatives angry that Twitter banned Trump from the platform?

That’s because in seeking to create free-speech zones on the internet, they attract not only conservatives enraged that Twitter permanently banned Trump from the platform, but people who were banned from other platforms for things widely seen as offensive.

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