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Frequently Asked Questions

What is conservativesonly? Welcome to /r/ConservativesOnly - This subreddit provides a place for conservative Redditors to post submissions of interest, and to discuss issues and events of political or social interest with other conservative Redditors. **Subscribe now and join our growing conservative subreddit!**

Is Reddit a conservative site?

Nearly all social media sites are created/owned by liberals and Reddit is no different. Unlike Twitter where there is a large conservative user population, the exact opposite can be said of Reddit. While there is a small conservative following, their posts are downvoted by liberals.

What do conservatives want more than liberals?

On the whole, the research shows, conservatives desire security, predictability and authority more than liberals do, and liberals are more comfortable with novelty, nuance and complexity.

What is a good question to ask a conservative?

Ask a Conservative: ask conservatives questions about conservative theory, values, policy and politics or conservatism as a philosophy and way of life. For new conservatives, independents, moderates, (polite) liberals and others who want to understand, not bicker as is the standard on Reddit political subs.

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