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Frequently Asked Questions

What does conservative stand for?

To the American Conservative Party, “conservative” means acknowledging the value of standing tradition, while resisting grand schemes imposed by majorities on the people. We believe a conservative approach to Government is to avoid hubris, and to give ample scope to the “Law of Unintended Consequences.”.

What does it mean to be a conservative?

In investing, conservative means “not taking unnecessary risks”. A conservative investor will invest in passive index funds with hundreds of stocks or bonds and have a well-diversified portfolio. A non-conservative investor (risky investor) might put all his $ on one stock hoping to get rich.

What exactly is conservative?

Liberals are permissive and believe in the winds of change. ... Thus, minorities and immigrants are often liberals while someone from a majority community is more likely to be a conservative. The epithet conservative or liberal is used to describe political and economic views and affiliations.

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