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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a tour and a concert the same thing?

a tour is a series of concerts in different locations, so no, they are not the same thing. No, they are not. A tour consists of multiple concerts held across various cities / countries over a fixed (roughly) amount of time. A tour will often coincide with an artist's new album.

How to record concerts?

Open the built-in screen recorder in VideoProc.Adjust recording settings.Open a live streaming video you want to record.Select a recording area.Record the live streaming video and save it to your PC.

How much does a concert ticket cost?

You’re not just imagining things! As of right now, the average concert ticket costs about $95. That’s 55% more than the average concert ticket cost a decade ago. With this in mind, the next time someone asks you to go to a concert, your first question is probably going to be, “How much do concert tickets cost?”

Is the Weeknd good in concert?

The Weeknd is such a good artist, his music is amazing! This will be my first concert, I'm supposed to go April 16 2022, seriously hoping it doesn't get cancelled. All these reviews are making me so happy. Can't wait! Extremely talented! Amazing voice ! Kept the crowd happy & singing !

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