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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a community of practice?

Community of practice. A CoP, in contrast, is a group of people who are active practitioners. CoP participation is not appropriate for non-practitioners. The purpose of a CoP, as discussed above, is to provide a way for practitioners to share tips and best practices, ask questions of their colleagues, and provide support for each other.

What does a community of practice do?

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are working to strengthen public health as members learn, share expertise, and work together on solving common problems in their communities’ focus areas. Communities are usually open to everyone working or interested in the domain, though some are closed to allow a private space for members to grapple ...

Why communities of practice are important?

Communities of practice are important as a professional learning strategy, because they have the potential to: Capture and share existing knowledge to help people improve their practice by providing a forum to identify solutions to common problems and a process to collect and evaluate best practices.

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