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What are the roles of sociology to the community?

development, distribution, and utilization of the natural, social, and cultural resources within the community, and available to the community, when such utilization of outside resources would contribute to the well-being of the com- munity. Persons in society, in the community, play many roles. The sociologist is no exception.

What is a community defined?

What Is the Concept of Community? In the classic sense, community is defined as a group of members who live in a certain locality and interact with one another while sharing common interests or goals. The concept of community has expanded over the last several decades, and three main types of communities are generally identified.

What does the word community mean?

“A body of people or things viewed collectively,” the Oxford English Dictionary sums it up. Community, in this sense, is not merely something that one fits into; it is also something one chooses...

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