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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Colorado Parks and wildlife species map data?

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife GIS Unit is happy to now provide our species map data as Google Earth​ kmz files. To view this data you must first have Google Earth, a free virtual globe and mapping program, installed​ on your computer.

What GIS data sets does BLM Colorado offer?

BLM Colorado offers a variety of GIS data sets as web services that can be consumed and viewed within web mapping applications like this one. This interactive map shows the statewide data sets available at this time. Click on the layer list icon (top right of screen) to add or remove layers within the map.

How many state parks are there in Colorado?

Wherever you go in Colorado, there’s a state park waiting to welcome you. Mountains or prairies, rivers or forests, out in the country or next to the city… Colorado’s 42 state parks are as diverse as the state itself, and they offer something for everyone. Take a hair-raising whitewater river trip, or kick back in a lawn chair and watch the sunset.

Where can I find Colorado land management data?

COLORADO GIS AND DATA MANAGEMENT The Bureau of Land Management Colorado data library allows users to access geospatial datasets as either a downloadable shapefile, Esri file geodatabase, kmz files and/or through Web Services. These data sets are updated as needed but typically on a quarterly basis.

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