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Frequently Asked Questions

What college football team has the most national championship games?

In that time, the championship team has been determined in a number of ways. Officially, Yale University has won the most national championships in college football, at 27 in total. The university football team, called the Yale Bulldogs, has been in existence since 1872.

What college football team has red turf?

On February 26, 2010, ESPN reported that Eastern Washington planned to remove the natural turf at Woodward Field and replace it with red SprinTurf, making it the second Division I college football program to have a non-green playing surface (Boise State of the MWC has had a blue surface since 1986).

What is the name of the Colorado football team?

The Denver, Colorado football team is the Denver Broncos. The Denver Nuggets play in the NBA. The Broncos are led by quarterback Kyle Orton.

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