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Frequently Asked Questions

What college has the highest acceptance rate?

Universities with highest acceptance rate: 1) Academy of Art University – Acceptance rate is 100% 2) American Public University System – Acceptance rate is 100% 3) Baker College of Flint – Acceptance rate is 100% 4) Boston Architectural College – Acceptance rate is 100% 5) Chancellor University – Acceptance rate is 100%

When do colleges announce acceptance?

In general, college admissions offices announce their acceptances, denials, and those who are "wait listed" all at once. Some will do this on their website, usually around April 1. They all mail their decisions around this time, too. Schools with earlier application deadlines will have quicker notifications.

What is the Best Community College in Colorado?

DU is among the best private colleges in Colorado for its diverse programs rooted in ethics and social responsibility. The university's 125-acre campus, just south of downtown Denver, is home to more than 11,500 students hailing from all 50 U.S. states and a number of foreign countries.

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