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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Colorado a red or blue state?

Yes, Colorado voted as a red state. Still, you should be proud to have voted blue, for progress, for liberty, for fairness, for peace. Wear this button proudly, as a Colorado red state blue voter. Add some fun flair to your life with our unique pin Buttons. Express your humor, views, beliefs or create your very own to showcase your passionate personality with our pin badges.

What are Colorado laws?

The Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) are the codified general and permanent statutes of the Colorado General Assembly. Session Laws The Session Laws are the collection of statutes enacted by the Colorado General Assembly during a single legislative session.

What is Colorado's nickname?

Colorado nicknameThe Centennial State

What is Colorado's State Animal?

The state animal of Colorado is the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. It was given this designation in 1961. The Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep was chosen as the state animal of Colorado because it is found in the wild in the Rocky Mountain region of North America, including Colorado, and it symbolizes a strong and prosperous state.

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