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Frequently Asked Questions

Who hacked Colonial Pipeline?

The United States has recovered much of the ransom payment the Russian hacker group DarkSide extorted from Colonial Pipeline this year, the Justice Department said Monday. The announcement details...

Did Colonial Pipeline pay ransomware?

Washington (CNN) Colonial Pipeline paid the ransomware group that carried out a crippling cyberattack, two sources familiar with the matter told CNN on Thursday. The group, previously identified as...

Who attacked the Colonial Pipeline?

Last month, the DarkSide cyber criminal group carried out a cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline Co. The ensuing ransomware scheme resulted in significant disruptions to US fuel transport. The episode remains under intensive investigation by federal officials and cyber security experts.

Was Colonial Pipeline hacked?

The hack of the Colonial Pipeline is the largest cyberattack carried out yet on a U.S. utility company. The attack caused widespread, national disruption and increased scrutiny regarding the security practices and protocols being used by the nation’s largest energy providers. Subsequent investigations and interviews into the hack revealed that it was carried out not using the most advanced, sophisticated hacking technology and expertise, but by taking advantage of the fact that Colonial ...

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