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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 25 college football rankings for the 2021 season?

College football rankings: Preseason Top 25 for the 2021 season. 1. Alabama (13-0 in 2020, No. 1 in final AP Poll) Alabama will lose a bunch of talented players and a coordinator — again. But Alabama is Alabama and ... 2. Clemson (10-2 in 2020, No. 3 in final AP Poll) 3. Oklahoma (9-2 in 2020, No. 6 ...

Is the 2020-2021 college football season over?

After an unprecedented year, the 2020-2021 college football season ended last night. Alabama ended up taking home the crown. However, coaches and analysts are already moving ahead to next season. Here are our Top 25 College Football Rankings for 2021. There’s still plenty of time to see how the offseason unfolds for these teams.

What's new in college football?

Change is swirling through college football, from transfer rules to athlete compensation to the latest bout of realignment. But on the field, it all looks very familiar yet again. Coming into the 2021 season, the usual suspects start in their usual places atop the Sports Illustrated preseason Top 25.

Which colleges have won the College Football Playoff?

Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson and Ohio State have combined for 20 of the 28 College Football Playoff appearances and six of the seven national championships during the CFP era. Those teams are the top four in the preseason AP poll with Georgia, the national runner-up during the 2017 season, checking in at No. 5.

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