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Frequently Asked Questions

What is El Colegio?

In community, El Colegio honors and builds upon the talents of bilingual students and their diverse families to provide the academic rigor, leadership skills, career preparation, and community connections necessary to fulfill their potential as change makers. Communities worldwide are transformed by the El Colegio experience of liberation.

What is Colegio Jefferson?

Since 1974, Colegio Jefferson has taken pride in integrating tradition with innovation, providing a superior bilingual education to young men and women. Our students are encouraged to develop intellectual curiosity and strive for personal excellence. We create an environment where respect and understanding are ever present.

What does Colégio de S Tomás do?

In the Debating Contest and the Great Figures Contest, Colégio de S. Tomás gives students the opportunity to develop their communicating, debating and critical analytical skills. It is part of our mission to build a school that is a place of culture.

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