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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a coagulation test determine?

What Is A Coagulation Test? A coagulation test measures blood’s capability to clot and if it clots how long it does take to clot. This test helps the doctor to assess the risk of developing clots (thrombosis) or excessive bleeding in blood vessels. These tests are identical to many other blood tests and the risks and side effects are least.

What test is performed in the coagulation Department?

Flow Cytometry: A specialized department that uses a laser based, biophysical technology to diagnose blood, tissue and bone marrow disorders. Coagulation tests measure the ability of blood to clot, as well as how long it takes. They are usually ordered when someone is experiencing abnormal bleeding or bruising.

How is the coagulation time test performed?

To perform the test, the technologist mixes an equal volume of the patient's citrated plasma with normal pooled plasma (NPP) and repeats the PT and/or aPTT. If the clotting assay time now falls within the PT and/or aPTT reference intervals, the initial abnormal result was due to one or more clotting factor deficiencies.

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