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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of coagulation?

Coagulation is defined as the transformation of proteins from a liquid state to a solid form. Once proteins are coagulated, they cannot be returned to their liquid state. Coagulation often begins around 38°C (100°F), and the process is complete between 71°C and 82°C (160°F and 180°F).

Why does food coagulation occur?

When food coagulation occurs due to added ingredients rather than heat, other considerations such as overall acidity, absorption and agitation guide the mixing process and determine how quickly a liquid will begin to gel and thicken.

What is heat or ingredient coagulation?

Heat or ingredient coagulation is a technique applied to ingredients with the intent to solidify them, and is generally used to achieve more dramatic results than simply thickening a liquid ingredient by cooking off moisture.

What is an example of protein coagulation?

Protein: coagulation. Another example is heating milk. You may have noticed that when you heat milk to just below boiling point, a skin forms. This is due to the milk protein coagulating. Enzymes may also cause protein coagulation e.g. cheese making.

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