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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CarMax a good company?

Things move fast at CarMax, but our standards of quality remain high. Your job is to make sure that each car you work on meets these standards, with a look and feel as good as the last. Enthusiasm and attention to detail are vital in meeting that mark.

Should I buy a car from CarMax?

Should You Buy a Car From CarMax? Car Shopping is not easy. Yet, CarMax seeks to make the car buying process simpler and less of a hassle. While their prices may not be the lowest, they provide access to a wide variety of used, but still new, vehicle options. It doesn’t hurt to use CarMax as a shopping tool and compare prices to other dealers in your area.

Does CarMax actually inspect their cars?

Yes, they do inspect the cars, and in a far better process than traditional dealers. See, CarMax’s inspection process is Pass/Fail. Most cars do not pass and are simply wholesaled to other dealers around who don’t mind selling those cars. Is CarMax easy to get financed?

Is CarMax a reputable dealer?

I'd say Carmax is a cut above most used car dealerships in terms of the strait forwardness (transparency/honesty) of the purchasing process and the quality (condition) of the cars for sale are generally very good. However, the trade-off is that the cars are priced on the high side, and of course—there's no negotiations.

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