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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clayton known for?

In the St. Louis region, Clayton is well known for housing a wealthy, educated, professional, and often dual-income population. Pop. As of the census [11] of 2020, there were 17,355 people, 5,587 households, and 3,275 families living in the city.

What is the history of Clayton?

Organized in 1877, the city was named after Ralph Clayton, [5] who donated the land for the St. Louis County courthouse. The architecture of central Clayton reflects its economic activity and eras of growth. An impressive collection of mid-century modern low and high rise structures contrast with earlier mansions, stores and flats.

What are the benefits of living in Clayton?

It is where you will gain lifelong skillsets and specialized knowledge to help to be competitive in the workforce. It is where you’ll make the connections and friendships that will support you both during your time at Clayton State, and as you enter the work world or expand your career.

Where is Clayton located?

Clayton is a city in and the seat of St. Louis County, Missouri. It borders the independent city of St. Louis. The population was 17,355 at the 2020 census. [4]

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