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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the city of Oxnard's planning maps accurate?

The City does not warrant the accuracy of these maps, and no decision involving a risk of injury or economic loss should be made in reliance thereon. For questions or information regarding these maps please contact the Planning Division directly (805) 385-7858 or email us: [email protected] High Definition (40Mb) May not load on all devices.

How do I view the jurisdiction and zoning of a property?

To view the jurisdiction and zoning of a property, use this map lookup tool. Enter an address in the map window below or zoom to your desired location.

What are the zoning regulations for signs in California?

SIGN REGULATIONS IN SPECIFIC ZONES 16-605. Signs in residential zones 16-606. Signs in commercial office zone 16-607. Signs in neighborhood commercial zones 16-608.

What is the reference number for zone boundaries?

Zones established 16-16. Boundaries of zones shown on zoning map incorporated by reference 16-17. Rules for zones where boundaries uncertain 16-18. Usage limited to proper zone.

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