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Frequently Asked Questions

What is zoning in Oxford?

Zoning divides Oxford into districts and regulates the use of the land and the dimensions, location, and use of buildings in those districts for the purpose of ensuring safety, health, convenience, and the general welfare of the citizens. A Permit is required for all new construction, building additions, and signs.

Where can I find ordinances in Oxford?

All ordinances related to Planning, Historic Preservation, and Land Use can be found on the Municode City of Oxford Code of Ordinances Website Have you seen a public notice sign in your yard?

Where can I find a zoning map?

The Building Services Department issues all zoning letters along with any zoning information you might need for your property. You may view the zoning map on the City website or come in person to our offices located at 42 Public Works Drive. The link below will show you our zoning map and allow you to zoom in or out to get a closer look.

How do I apply for a building permit in Oxford?

If you have questions regarding interpretation or application of the codes, contact the Building Official for Oxford at (256) 831-9685 Please click the link to fill-out online or you can print a paper copy and return it to our office. For a demolition permit application or a sign permit application, please see below.

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