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Frequently Asked Questions

What draft picks do the Chicago Bulls own?

The Chicago Bulls draft picks owned are their own first and second round picks. What NBA Draft picks do Chicago Bulls own in 2026? In 2026, the Bulls own their first-round pick.

What pick do the Bulls have in the 2023 NBA draft?

The Bulls also own the Nuggets' second-round pick in 2023 if it falls 47 or later in the draft order. They acquired that pick from Cleveland as part of the Markkanen trade.

Who are the Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls are an American professional basketball team based in Chicago. The Bulls compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the league's Eastern Conference Central Division. The team was founded on January 16, 1966, and played its first game during the 1966–67 NBA season.

What draft picks do the Bulls owe the New Orleans Pelicans?

The Bulls owe their second-round pick to the Pelicans as part of the sign-and-trade deal for Ball. The Bulls sent Tomáš Satoranský, Garrett Temple and the pick to New Orleans in that transaction.

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